Both functions previously worked in the US, now they have reached Russia. Reels will allow you to shoot 30-second videos and apply effects to them, and the “Music” sticker will allow you to attach tracks to your stories, display lyrics on the screen

Starting June 23, Instagram users in Russia will get several new features, including the ability to add music to their stories, as well as a short video service. It is reported by TJournal.

For a number of users, the new functionality of the social network became available the day before. A new Music sticker is already available in Instagram and Facebook Stories. He offers to overlay a track on a video or photo, which can then be published in stories.

The service offers to choose music from its own library, which presents an extensive selection of both domestic and foreign artists. The track can be trimmed, if there is text, it will be automatically displayed on the screen, as in karaoke. Users can choose the design for this mode, sign the track title and artist name. In addition, you can now reply to stories with music.

Another new addition is Reels, a short video service similar to TikTok. Users will now be able to shoot videos up to 30 seconds long, apply AR effects to them, add music from the library, trends or their own original recordings to them. Such videos can be published both as a post and as a “story”.

Reels will get its own tab in the Instagram interface – in the center of the bottom navigation bar, where there used to be a plus sign for creating new posts.

Music in stories is not a new feature of Instagram. For users in the US and several other countries, it has been available since 2018. Reels launched in the west last year amid the popularity of TikTok and the platform’s possible blocking in the US.

In the spring, Instagram announced several new features at once. In March, Russian business accounts were offered the Shopper service, which allows you to mark products in posts and stories.

In April, the social network announced the ability to hide the display of the number of likes under the posts. They did the same on Facebook. Similar measures are being taken on various online platforms as part of the fight against user toxicity. In addition, Instagram will have a special filter for offensive comments or emoji.