Illegal immigration threatens the security, stability, and prosperity of America. Without secure borders, we have no country. As the crisis at our southern border escalates, lawmakers have a responsibility to put aside partisan divisions and address this issue. We must secure our border, build the wall, implement and strictly enforce E-Verify, end catch-and-release, remove visaoverstay offenders, reform the immigration judicial system to reduce frivolous asylum claims, and insist on merit immigration and patriotic assimilation. There is no national security without border security.

Health Care

Congress has failed to fully address the healthcare problem in our nation. I support free market solutions—competition, choice, improved access and quality. And lower cost. These are the essential elements and goals for a healthcare system that works for all Americans. Congress must have the courage and determination to do what needs to be done—not to tinker around the edges of complicated and constantly changing details, but to embrace a bold conservative, market-based vision for a system of care that will make Americans healthier, happier and more financially secure.

We must bring down the cost of prescription drugs. Instead of expensive advertising, lobbying and campaign donations, Congress must demand that drug companies spend more resources in research and development. We must encourage the introduction of generic, lower-priced drugs. We must address the serious and growing opioid crisis that is having a devastating and tragic impact on our country. But we can only enact a healthcare system and a prescription drug pricing system that works for all Americans when we free ourselves from the power, money and influence of the medical and drug manufacturing industries.

The Second Amendment

Our founders did not write the Second Amendment after returning from a hunting trip. They wrote it after liberating a nation. As your congressman, I will stand without compromise or apology in defense of the constitutionally guaranteed right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. And I will oppose every effort to infringe upon that fundamental right.


I have always believed in the sacredness of all human life, from conception to natural death. I will be an outspoken defender of the rights of the unborn.

Term Limits

I am the only candidate in this race who supports congressional term limits. Along with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and 85% of the American people, I believe term limits are reasonable, healthy and good for our country. They would help reduce the high levels of apathy, frustration and cynicism voters currently feel toward their government. Our founders never intended for career politicians to take up permanent residence Washington.

The Constitution and Limited Government

The Constitution was not created to be an instrument of the government to restrain the people; it was created to be an instrument of the people to restrain the government. I believe in the sacred text of our liberties, and I will defend those liberties—and our Constitution—against those who would make the citizens subservient to the state, and dependent on the state for the rights given to every person by God alone. I will resist the impulse to expand the government’s size and power. I believe in limited, fiscally responsible government. A government that lives, like most Americans, within its means.

The Economy, Small Business and Taxes

America’s economic system is the greatest in history. Free men and women in free markets—inventing, risking, creating, persevering and investing—have given this nation a quality of life and standard of living that is the envy of the world. 

Excessive taxation and regulation are the chief enemies of free enterprise.

Most of the jobs in this country are created by small business. As your congressman, I will fight to protect business owners from burdensome government regulations, work to provide positive incentives for healthy business expansion, job creation and innovation, and fight to reduce taxes.


We must prepare our children for the future. There is no greater priority. I support changes that will get our students ready for those exciting opportunities. We must educate our children in science, technology, engineering and math. We must be committed to lifelong learning and prepare teachers for the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. While good teachers must be honored, simply spending more on education will not improve its quality. I also support – as a matter of moral conviction – parental authority and parental choice in education. Our children do not belong to the state. They belong to parents. I worked three years at a Christian school. I also am a staunch supporter of homeschooling and charter schools. I will always defend their right to exist.


This nation must honor its social compact with the brave men and women who have served in our military. They deserve our gratitude and loyal support, as do the families impacted by that service. I will fight for quality medical care and other services and programs to help our veterans. I will work to ensure all our veterans receive excellent, timely and compassionate care. My father witnessed the historic flag-raising on Iwo Jima as a Marine.  My son-in-law, Casey, served as a Marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I will be a champion for all those who have borne the battle on behalf of freedom.

Religious Liberty

Freedom of individual conscience is the cornerstone of our American experience. This includes freedom of religion as the unalienable right of every American. I will firmly resist encroachment by the state upon the free exercise of religion. As your Congressman, I will be an uncompromising and outspoken defender of religious liberty for all our citizens.


The U.S. is the top energy producer in the world, and Texas is an energy leader in our country. Texans produce more than a third of the nation’s crude oil and a quarter of our natural gas. A recent find in the Permian Basin doubled America’s projected oil and gas reserves, moving us even closer to energy independence. Affordable, abundant natural gas is also driving down carbon emissions without the penalties and taxes that would be imposed by the Paris Climate Agreement, from which President Trump wisely withdrew the U.S.

We must continue to expand oil and gas exploration in ways and regions that make sense, are consistent with responsible stewardship, and that create jobs, strengthen our economy and expand opportunity. We must promote the expansion of pipeline and export infrastructure to more quickly and safely reach regional and global markets. By adopting free-market principles, thoughtfully balancing supply and demand, protecting our nation’s environment and eliminating unreasonable federal regulations, we can secure our energy future for generations to come.

Criminal Justice

Our Constitution makes clear that establishing justice and ensuring domestic tranquility are high priorities for the federal government. I strongly support law enforcement and our first responders. They are the courageous guardians of law and order, essential to peace and security. Our laws must be enforced with diligence and impartiality.

I also believe it is a tragic waste of human potential to simply warehouse inmates in crowded conditions at taxpayers’ expense. I support innovative criminal justice reforms, such as the First Step and Second Chance programs, which aim to reduce recidivism and offer new opportunities for criminal ex-offenders and their families. Having worked for a decade with Prison Fellowship, I believe in the nobility and justice of restitution and reconciliation. I also believe in the effectiveness of faith-based ministries to transform lives and reduce recidivism. Our laws and correctional programs must punish justly but always offer the chance for restoration.

National Security

The United States must maintain a military that is the strongest in the world. Only through strength can our peace and security can be assured.  I will work to keep America vigilant against all enemies, at home and abroad. I will also seek to ensure cost-effectiveness and modernization throughout our defense policies and programs.

I oppose endless wars. America’s military response in every situation must be measured, well-conceived and proportional. We must have clear and attainable military objectives in every engagement; every military action—whether authorized by the President or Congress—must be in our country’s paramount national interest.

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