Russia has no plans to block foreign social networks, but there are problems with their responsibility to Russian laws, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this during a live broadcast, RBC is broadcasting.

“We are not going to block anyone, we are going to work with them, but there are problems when they [foreign social networks] send us away, when they do not comply with our requirements and Russian laws,” the president said.

Putin stressed that Russian citizens should have self-respect. “They tell us: you know, we will work for you, and if you don’t like something, we will give you beads and rejoice,” the president added.

The head of state noted that such an approach “humiliates dignity”, and since foreign companies work in Russia and earn money, they must obey its laws. He noted that there are no special requirements for foreign services.

Putin recalled that the authorities demanded the opening of full-fledged representative offices in Russia, legal entities, “with which at least one can conduct a dialogue.”

Foreign social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, will be required to open a representative office in accordance with the law, which has already passed three readings in the State Duma and was approved by the Federation Council. Now the bill must be signed by the president.

Foreign companies with a Russian audience of over half a million people will have to open a representative office. In case of refusal, the authorities may prohibit the dissemination of advertising about such resources, as well as prohibit payments to these portals. There is a ban on search results, cross-border collection and transfer of personal data, the authorities can also restrict the operation of the resource.