Jack Wyman for Congress
Jack Wyman for Congress

A Strong and Courageous Voice for Texas Values!

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These are challenging and perilous times for our country. There is so much at stake.

Our nation is facing an onslaught of radical voices advocating socialism and extreme and harmful policies. Now is the time for bold leaders to speak up on behalf of our American values. 

Without compromise and without apology.

To rescue freedom, before it’s too late. To fight for the greatness of this country.

I’m running to be your voice in Texas’ 26th congressional district. A voice for North Texans who work hard, obey the law, love their families, practice their faith, salute our flag and stand for our national anthem.  I will be a champion for the conservative values that have made Texas and America great.

The petty, weary, failed politics of the past cannot confront this present challenge. The people of Denton and Tarrant counties are fed up with politics as usual and the status quo of career politicians. 

Eighteen years is long enough for anyone to serve in Congress.  

It’s time for a change.

We need a new voice. A courageous voice.  We need moral leadership in Washington.

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Republican Primary, March 3rd

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